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Land & Property Tax

We are one of the country’s leading specialists in Land and Property related strategies and techniques including:

  • Rent to Rent (R2R)
  • Rent to SA (Rent to serviced Accommodation)
  • Buy to Lets (BTL)
  • No Money Down Strategies (NMD)
  • Build to Rent (BTR)
  • Build to Sell (BTS)
  • Serviced Accommodation (SA)
  • Lease Options (LO)
  • Property Development (PD)
  • Analysis of Additional Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)
  • Ad Hoc Scenarios

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Property Capital Allowances

Property Capital Allowance claims aim to recover tax paid and reduce tax liabilities for companies and individuals who have spent capital buying and/or improving commercial property. The tax relief for certain capital assets used by a business allows organisations and individuals to write off the cost of the assets against taxable income.

Do you qualify is the question?

  • Have you spent capital buying or improving commercial property?
  • Do you have taxable rental income or profits?

If you answer ‘yes’ to both questions, you are potentially eligible for a significant tax saving.

Working in close alliance with our strategic partners, Capital Allowance Review Service, we will conduct a site visit to inspect and identify all relevant assets for an accurate inventory.

The benefits of having an in-depth property inspection

Property acquisitions can include inventories for moveable items, but details of the embedded fixtures and fittings within the property are often neglected and therefore not claimed and need a qualified specialist to identify these items. Invoices provided for property improvements and alterations are often vague with no specific breakdown available and because of this, typical accounting routines will miss assets eligible for capital allowances. Trusting in a professional Capital Allowance specialist to make sense of the complex legislation applied to a vast array of embedded fixtures will ensure your business receives the tax savings it is entitled to.

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Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

Tax relief for R&D is the government’s way to incentivise businesses to invest in innovation.

What do R&D Tax Credits involve?

A tax saving can be made on all qualifying expenditure that is deemed to be research and/or development in nature.

The tax credit would include staff PAYE, subcontractors and all materials consumed in the process.

In addition, companies that have made a loss from the process could be eligible for a cash payment alternative if losses are submitted to HMRC.

Unsure if you qualify?

If you’re unsure as to whether your business is entitles to this tax credit, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you encourage advancement in the field of science or technology?
  • Do you seek to test or improve innovation of new materials, process or code?
  • Are there tests on your solutions after they are designed?
  • Do you work with new processes or new ways of thinking?
  • Do you encourage your team to find better, faster, more efficient, or more effective solutions?
  • Are you attempting to achieve or resolve something of uncertainty?

If this is your business, then you are likely to qualify for Research and Development Tax Credits.

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IHT & Estate Planning

It’s important to plan for the future of your family. Those plans will need to consider how you protect assets, give assets away directly or in a controlled manner, reduce inheritance tax and put in place estate planning solutions. Inheritance tax planning and estate planning are not something you do through a will, it starts during your lifetime and requires careful consideration.

Protecting family wealth is about identifying life events and risks while planning for them in advance. Our proactive process considers your objectives for family wealth during your lifetime and beyond. Planning the passing of wealth to the next generation is complex, especially if that wealth is to grow for future generations.

We will explore different potential future scenarios to ascertain what level of control or protection over wealth is desired and to find you the right estate planning solutions. We will help you build a strategy to pass assets in a way that meets the family objectives, is tax efficient and reduces the exposure to inheritance tax. That strategy may evolve over time and we will proactively review your objectives to ensure family wealth has the best opportunity to benefit those you want it to.

Your strategy begins during your lifetime although it is essential that your will continues to meet your desired results. To properly draft your will requires an understanding of what your lifetime plan will be. For example, you may create a trust during your lifetime that could receive certain assets through your will. Alternatively, it may be that your will creates a trust only in specific circumstances such as your children being minors. We often find that wills are written without consideration for lifetime estate planning. To get your personal estate planning right, you should consider what is important to you during your lifetime and upon your death.

We will work with you to ensure you understand the inheritance tax threshold in the UK and what this means for you and your estate.

Inheritance tax can be tricky so we will help you, your spouse or partner understand using the nil band rate, what it means for your estate and what can be done to minimise your tax liability. We will also explain how the nil rate band applies to property. 

Determining The Right Estate Planning Solutions

Locate any possible exemptions from inheritance tax for your estate.

We will work with you to identify any appropriate transfers that can be made in your lifetime to reduce your inheritance tax liability including gifts and using certain exemptions.

IHT Liability, Gift Giving And Exempt Transfers

Put together a personalised estate planning strategy.

Your estate planning strategy will be influenced by many factors including age, health, family commitments and the type of assets you own. We will create a personalised plan for you regardless of your situation.

Controlled Lifetime Gifts

Pass on your assets through family and legacy wills.

Passing on a legacy to future generations is one of the most important things a person can do. We will work with you to determine your wishes and how to best secure your estate for family members through trusts and gifts.

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Specialist VAT Advice

VAT is a very complex area and effective planning can save a huge amount of money and can be a deciding factor as to whether a project proceeds or not. With constantly changing legislation, emerging and merging markets, and new products and services being launched every day, businesses need accurate and real time VAT advice.

Where international trading, imports and exports are concerned separate rules will apply for compliance and safeguarding. Import duty legislation changed in 2016 with new requirements imposed on businesses.

We can help you with the international complexities of operating any type of business including:

  • International VAT when trading globally or within the EU
  • Imports and Exports
  • Land and Property transactions
  • VAT Training
  • Client representation with HMRC
  • Transactional advice for large one-off items

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