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We offer a fully HMRC compliant Payroll Bureau and C.I.S. service to relieve you of the stress and time involved each month and year end in preparing payroll for your team.

You will have direct access to our payroll team and we will design and tailor our processes to meet seamlessly with your needs.

When you choose to pass your payroll to Astonia, you can hand over only selected elements of it over, or you can pass it over in full.

When you pass it over in full, you’ve chosen what’s called our Fully Managed Payroll Service. When you make this decision, you essentially free yourself of all your payroll responsibilities and you leave yourself to do what you do best – run your business.

All you have to do is pass us your data in the format we agree at the time we agree, and we do the rest!

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Our Services


We work with your business to offer best practice advice, maintain up-to-date bookkeeping and prepare statutory annual accounts.

Personal & Self-Assesment Tax

We will legally advise you on tax mitigation, strategic tax planning and the preservation of wealth, and benefaction.

Corporate Tax

Filing annual tax returns is a legal requirement but understanding the reliefs and deductions your company is entitled can be a minefield.

Company Formations

We can register your company for a cost-effective fixed-fee arrangement typically within a day.

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